How many kilometres will the Lake Jindabyne shared trail circuit be when the project is complete?

    The total length of the lake trail will be approximately 50km circuit. This excludes the additional Mountain bike tracks within the Mill Creek Reserve near Tyrolean. The trail distances between each key location include;

    • Hatchery Bay to Banjo Paterson Park – 10km
    • Banjo Paterson Park to Tyrolean Village 8.5km
    • Tyrolean to East Jindabyne- 4.5 km
    • East Jindabyne to Kalkite- 13.5km
    • Creel Bay to Thredbo Valley Picnic Area- 4.5km
    • Thredbo Valley Picnic area to Hatchery Bay via Gaden- 5km

    What is the timeframe for completion?

    The project will be delivered in stages over a four-year period with the final completion in July 2024. The first stages of construction will include the Tyrolean to East Jindabyne link. Trail re-construction stages will commence during the autumn and winter month of 2021 to avoid interruption to riders during the busy summer months.

    What is the proposed trail design? How was this design determined?

    The Lake Jindabyne trail is proposed to be shared use (walking/running/cycling) dual direction.

    The trail design will therefore need to meet the expectations of a wide user group. The following classification ratings have been adhered to in determining trail alignment, grade, width, profile and surface treatment:

    • Walking/running- Grade 3 as identified in the Australian standards for walking tracks.
    • Cycling- Easy- green circle as identified in the Australian Mountain Bike Trail Guidelines Trail Difficulty Rating System.  Table 1 below provides a summary of the trail classification systems.

    The majority of the shared trail network will be constructed with a 1.2-metre wide trail bed and a natural bare earth surface. Some sections that are expected to have a higher level of use will be slightly wider with a compacted gravel/clay surface. This will ensure the trail is sustainable for a longer period of time.

    Council has been working with a number of trail planning and design consultants throughout the planning phases of the project. Finding a balance can be difficult however the proposed design will be enjoyable for a wide user group.

    A number of factors have been considered. These include;

    1. Participation data from a local level and other trail examples.
    2. Terrain, environment, visual impacts, access to build, costs to construct and maintain.
    3. Design standards and recommendations from the Australian guidelines.
    4. Catering for a wider user group travelling both directions. There are communities located along the way and our design has to be inclusive. Not everyone rides a mountain bike!
    5. There are many other trails in the Snowy Mountains which cater for the variety of user markets. The Lake Jindabyne shared Trial design aims to complement the other trails on offer along with future proposals.

    How many bridges and platform structure will be required?

    There will be a total of 16 bridges and 9 platform crossings. Most of which will be located on the East Jindabyne to Kalkite link. Council have been working with a structural engineer and manufacturer team to determine bridge designs, construction material and construction methods.

    Further geotechnical investigations will be required as part of the detail design prior to construction.

    Will there be supporting Infrastructure, i.e. trail head car parking, day use areas and amenities?

    Yes, Council will be working with local residents on the best locations for supporting infrastructure and day-use areas. Trailhead and parking areas will be required at Tyrolean Village (Rainbow Drive), East Jindabyne and Kalkite. There are also several areas where trailhead and parking facilities will require improvements. This includes Cobbon Crescent, Hatchery Bay, Thredbo Valley Picnic Area and Creel Bay.

    Council will also be working signage/information along with weed brush down station and wash bays.

    What changes will occur at the Mill Creek Mountain bike trial network? Will the community get the opportunity to provide input into any design changes?

    The Mill Creek network of trials has been included in the project scope of works. The program includes undertaking an investigation of the existing trail network and determining areas that could be improved. The first step will require a concept plan. The community will be invited to provide input throughout the planning.

    I want to be kept informed as the project progresses. Can I register my contact details?

    Yes, please forward your contact details to our project team via:


    Phone: 1300 345 345